ALM Services (Strategic Balance Sheet Management)

Credit unions today are faced with the complex task of effectively managing balance sheet risk while maximizing financial performance under increased regulatory pressures.  The need for a comprehensive ALM program is greater than ever before. Corporate America offers several different ALM models as well as a menu of additional services to accommodate your credit union's specific strategic, analytical, and budgetary needs.

Credit unions can choose from the following ALM models:

FiCast (Sendero)
A great solution for credit unions looking for both static and strategic runs.  Our standard package at a flat rate offers runs such as flat balance sheet, yield curve twists, and rate shocks.

An optimal model for credit unions looking for a cost-effective program allowing for a more customizable setup and drill down into their data.  Pricing is tiered based on asset size.  Clients can also opt to manage their own data and reduce cost.

ZM Financial
The ideal solution for credit unions eager to delve deeply into the analysis of balance sheet risk.  Numerous strategic scenarios are available in multiple output formats (PDF, xls).  Pricing is tiered pricing based on asset size.

Our member credit unions can further enhance their risk management process through a deeper relationship with Corporate America's team of Interest Rate Risk Professionals.  We will work with your credit union to provide the level of support and service that meets your needs.  Services available include:

  • Executive Summaries
  • Decay Analysis
  • Model Validation
  • Beta Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • ALCO Participation
  • Annual Policy Review
  • Board/Management Training

For more information on Corporate America's Strategic Balance Sheet Management solutions, please contact your Member Advisor or Corporate America at (800) 292-6242.