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Loan Participation

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LoanStreet’s participation solution enables the efficient sale of any size or type of loan to one or more credit unions.

LoanStreet automates and standardizes partial and whole loan sales, creating a single platform to buy, sell, and manage loans.

Whether credit unions need to overcome regulatory lending limits, reduce sector concentrations, or are simply capital constrained, LoanStreet offers unique access to sell loans to other credit unions.

For credit unions in need of loans, LoanStreet is a broad and efficient platform to invest in new loan opportunities.

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  • Simple & powerful tools
  • Maintain borrower relationship and control buyer access
  • Standardized loan sale agreements
  • Automated investor tracking and borrower payment distribution
  • Find new partners or invite existing participants to view loans


  • Manage all loans across credit unions in one place
  • Search engine to identify interesting loans quickly
  • Easy due diligence with loan file and clear risk retention rules
  • Automated notices and simple management tools
  • Access to broad platform to resell loans

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