Any member of Corporate America Credit Union may request a Line of Credit, or other loan product, from Corporate America by providing the following forms and financial information:

  • Completed Corporate America Line of Credit Application, Line of Credit Agreement, Promissory Note and Security Agreement, and Certification of Secretary.  These forms can be found under Service Contracts in the Members Only section of our website.  They can also be requested from your Member Advisor or
  • Most current monthly internal financial statements which include a balance sheet and income statement.  If available, include a schedule of delinquent loans and year-to-date loan charge-offs and recoveries.
  • A copy of the credit union's most recent annual Supervisory Committee audit report, CPA certified financials (including footnotes) with auditor’s report (opinion) or league prepared audit report

Your credit union's LOC is calculated based on its asset size, payment activity and historical financial performance. Each line is reviewed and updated annually to keep up with your credit union's changing needs. There is an annual LOC underwriting fee assessed in October for those members that are not considered capitalized members of Corporate America. Once established, your credit union can conveniently access its LOC whenever necessary through either short or long-term loans.
For more information, please contact Corporate America at (205) 313-4300 or (800) 292-6242 or email

Demand Loan

Corporate America's Demand Loan is a variable rate loan available, upon request, to those member credit unions who maintain a current line of credit with Corporate America. Like our settlement loan, our demand loan was created to assist members in managing their short-term liquidity. It is designed as an overnight advance tool and rates are subject to change daily. This advance is executed with only a phone call to Corporate America.

For further information, or to request an advance, please contact Corporate America at (205) 313-4300 or (800) 292-6242.

Settlement Loan

The Settlement Loan is an overnight loan with no maturity.  Rates are subject to change daily, with interest due at maturity or, at a minimum, monthly. This product automatically covers overdrafts to ensure outgoing payment can still be made, and to bring a negative balance in your Corporate Funds settlement account to zero, after all transactions have been posted for the day.

For more information, please contact Corporate America at (205) 313-4300 or (800) 292-6242.

Term Loan

With a Term Loan from Corporate America Credit Union, your credit union has a tool for meeting expected shortages of funds. This fixed-rate, fixed-term advance permits members to select the maturity date that best meets their needs., So simplify your budgeting, while meeting your credit union's financial needs, by letting Corporate America's staff customize a loan to  fit your particular situation.

For more information, or to request a term advance, please contact us at (205) 313-4300 or (800) 292-6242.

FRB Discount Window Access

NCUA Regulation 741.12 has recently required credit unions with assets of $250 million and over to maintain access to a federal liquidity source for unexpected emergencies.  Smaller credit unions may wish to establish the same.  Corporate America offers access to the Federal Reserve Discount window to all members with a line of credit at Corporate America.  Interested members with no Federal Reserve relationship will need to file forms with both their regional Federal Reserve bank and Corporate America.  For more information please contact your Member Advisor or email

Standby Letters of Credit

A Standby Letter of Credit can be a cost-effective and convenient way to provide financial protection to third parties with whom you do business.  By issuing a Standby Letter of Credit on your behalf, Corporate America agrees to pay specific obligations to a third party beneficiary pursuant to the terms thereof.  For more information please email