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CACU Preparing for 35th Annual Meeting & Conference

Posted on March 10, 2017

Corporate America and its members will return to the Emerald Coast for the 35th Annual Meeting & Conference at the beautiful SanDestin Hilton April 24th - 26th.  Full of education, fun & networking, this year’s lineup of speakers is second to none! 

Featuring Dave Sanderson, survivor of Flight 1549, The Miracle on the Hudson; Charles Payne, host of Making Money on Fox Business Network and Jason Schechterle, a retired police officer who overcame tragedy.  And in between nearly a dozen of experts will educate you on everything from ACH to teamwork to succeeding in this busy world.

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CACU Boasts New Automation Product

Posted on March 10, 2017

Tired of downloading multiple files a day or posting to your core processor?   Corporate America CU has a brand new solution to help members streamline and automate manual processes.  These new automation services can save you valuable time when processing ACH, Share Draft, Returns, x9.37 files, Wires, Compliance or any other files.

CACU can not only deliver the files TO YOU, we can also automate the posting process to your core processor or any other software.  Save your credit union time and energy and inquire about these services today:

CACU Adds New Supervisory Member

Posted on July 25, 2016

Irondale, AL (July 25, 2016) Karen DeLuca, Director of Branch Operations at America’s First Federal Credit Union, is the newest member of Corporate America Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee.  DeLuca, a 30-year veteran in the industry, is looking forward to serving in this new capacity.  “Being in credit unions for 30 years, it’s very intriguing to me to see a different side beyond the natural person world.  I love credit unions and I am very honored to serve for Corporate America.  I love how down to earth, skilled and approachable the staff and other board members are and I think I can give back with my knowledge,” DeLuca said.

CACU President/CEO Pete Pritts says DeLuca’s service and dedication to credit unions makes her the perfect addition to the committee.   “We add more knowledge and talent to an impressive group of volunteers at CACU," Pritts said.  

DeLuca joins Doug Key (CEO of Mutual Savings CU, Alabama) and Nancy Kline (CEO of Fire Police City County FCU, Indiana) on CACU’s Supervisory Committee.   DeLuca is thrilled to work alongside many veterans in the industry.  “The integrity you currently have on the list of volunteers is really a wow factor for me.  It’s been a fantastic experience so far.”

Loan Participation off to great start

Posted on July 7, 2016

Irondale, AL - (July 7, 2016)   More than likely your credit union fits into one of two categories:  “Need More Loans” or “Need More Liquidity.”  Whatever your situation, Corporate America Credit Union has a solution.  Recently, CACU partnered with LoanStreet LLC, a new online automated platform allowing buyers and sellers to complete the loan participation process in a matter of seconds from the convenience of their computer or laptop.  Corporate America is now offering its nearly 500 members access to LoanStreet, giving them quick and easy access to the loans or liquidity they may need.

In May 2016, Texas-based Prestige Community Credit Union was Corporate America’s first member to complete a loan participation using LoanStreet.   CEO Sammy Shanafelt used the platform to improve ALM risk at his credit union while also creating a liquidity solution. “LoanStreet’s web platform is top notch.  It allows you to view the details of each loan sold, the servicing fees for each loan, and gives easy access to upload information about a particular loan or the overall loan portfolio,” Shanafelt said.

Shanafelt says without a doubt he will continue to use LoanStreet in the future.  “LoanStreet just simplifies the loan participation process.   From finding a loan participation buyer to facilitating the loan sale, and providing an easy solution to send and process monthly principal and interest payments to the buyers of loans, a relatively complicated process is greatly simplified.”

LoanStreet CEO Ian Lampl says he has a passion for helping financial institutions, but more importantly helping them with the proper technology.  “Without technology credit unions would continue to face mounting concentration issues and the inability to earn sufficient income to serve their members.  For us, loan participations are one small part of the overall picture to creating a healthy financial system.”

CACU Boasts New ALM Services & Expertise

Posted on January 8, 2015

Contact: Ashley Daniels ▪ Corporate America Credit Union ▪ (205) 441-2589 ▪

CACU Boasts New ALM Services & Expertise

Irondale, AL (January 8, 2015) - Is Asset Liability Management on the top of your To-Do list in 2015? If not, Corporate America Credit Union’s new Vice President of Strategic Balance Sheet Management, Trey Rudder, says it should be. “Better information leads to better decisions,” Rudder says. “Interest rates are highly unpredictable and the risk, to both income and value, should always be at the top of mind.”

Rudder, with more than 20 years experience in banks and credit unions, is bringing new life and new products to CACU’s arsenal of ALM services. “We want to provide the top of the line products to our members, both big and small. We have modeling solutions that support all balance sheet needs,” Rudder said.

Corporate America will now be offering three different ALM models: FiCast (Sendero), FIMAC and ZM Financial. Multiple modeling options along with additional services such as executive summaries, decay analysis, model validation, portfolio analysis, annual policy review and board/management training allow Rudder and his team to work with members to build a comprehensive ALM program that meets their specific needs.

Corporate America President/CEO Pete Pritts says Rudder’s vast knowledge puts Corporate America’s members at an advantage. “Corporate America is lucky to have someone on board who can make ALM information an integral part of a credit unions planning process,” Pritts said of the recent addition. “The output of these new ALM models not only assesses where a credit union stands financially, but the entire process can illustrate financial impacts. The more information an institution has at its fingertips, the better prepared it is to deal with challenges coming our way.”

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