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CACU Waives Fees, Gives Bonus Dividend for Member Credit Unions

Posted on June 24, 2019

At the end of 2018, Corporate America gave members a 50-basis point bonus dividend on all Perpetual Contributed Capital accounts for the year 2018, waived December service fees, and paid FRB pass through charges that settle to members’ CACU accounts on their behalf.

The positive response from member credit unions was enthusiastic and widespread from across the country.

“I have worked in the Credit Union industry for 26 years and this is the first time (at least that I can remember) that I have seen anything like this,” said Darryn Hodgson, CFO at Members First Credit Union.  “It is so refreshing to have a business partner that is willing to make decisions like this to show their Members/Partners that they care.”

Corporate America was so excited about their members’ response, they decided to do it again, calling it The Big Give-Back Part 2.

“We’ve had a strong first half of 2019, thanks to our amazing members and their continued support.” said Corporate America President & CEO Pete Pritts. “As a corporate credit union, our primary mission is to ease burdens so our members thrive.  So, doing the ‘give back’ again was an easy decision.”

For The Big Give-Back Part 2, Corporate America is waiving June service fees, paying FRB pass through charges that settle to their members’ CACU accounts, and giving members a 50-basis point bonus dividend on all Perpetual Contributed Capital accounts.

“This is what credit unions do,” Pritts continued, “We give back. We give back to our members. They give back to their members and employees…the whole community benefits. Giving back is our mission, our goal, and our greatest reward.”

New partnership helps members with essential print and eStatement delivery services

Posted on June 3, 2019

Benefits include:
• Budget friendly
• Improved look & feel
• Target marketing capability
• Electronic presentment creates efficiencies
• Reduced page count
• Existing templates or custom formatting

Whether it’s print or eStatements, Diamond integrates with all core processors to create a quality product while increasing strategic marketing potential.  Target marketing is also an option for credit unions wanting to increase opportunities to its members.  Through this partnership CACU members can make the most of their key communications while protecting their members’ privacy.

Other services offered to credit unions through Diamond include:
•          Statements (member, credit card, mortgage, and HELOC)
•          Daily Notices
•          Loan Coupons
•          1098/1099/5498/1042-S Statements
•          Marketing Communications

Contact CACU at for more information or call 1.800.292.6242.

Alabama Corporate Credit Union Brings Analytics to its Members

Posted on January 10, 2019

Credit Union Times

- By Roy Urrico

Irondale, Ala.-based Corporate America Credit Union and Salt Lake City-based Visible Equity joined forces to offer CACU’s members a current expected credit loss solution through Visible Equity’s analytics software.

The corporate credit union did extensive research on partners, “We know without robust, solid data analytics you can’t implement the most effective CECL process.  Visible Equity’s software is top of the line and we know our members will benefit,” Trey Rudder, vice president of strategic balance sheet management said. He added, CACU, with almost 500 members, wanted the best option for its connections.

CACU members have access to all Visible Equity’s products including deposit, fair lending, customer/marketing, peer and application analytics.

With over 725 existing credit union clients, Visible Equity said it has many others products useful to financial institution and strives to make the analytics process as simple as possible.  “Our clients view us as an extension of their team.  We work closely with each institution to ensure that data is implemented quickly and accurately and provides them with the tools and insight to effectively identify, measure and manage the risk in their loan portfolio,” Derrick Wiemer, chief information officer/COO, said.

CACU Announces Associate Business Membership with Credit Union National Association

Posted on October 10, 2018

(Irondale, AL) – Corporate America Credit Union has announced their associate business membership with Credit Union National Association (CUNA), America’s national trade association that advocates for the entire credit union movement.

As a business advocate with CUNA, CACU will add to this unequaled advocacy network and create positive regulatory and legislative change to make the movement stronger for everyone.

“By helping CUNA tell the credit union story, we hope to increase credit union success and foster deeper relationships with members across the country,” said Pete Pritts, CACU President/CEO. “Our voices are stronger together, and we hope to help credit unions achieve their goals and ultimately empower industry growth through this new and exciting relationship.”

“Associate Business Members provide the credit union system great value by engaging in advocacy, which bolsters our entire movement,” said CUNA Chief Engagement Officer Mollie Bell. “Corporate America’s partnership with CUNA helps strengthen our mission and means we’re able to arm even more of our system partners with the tools they need so we are all working together to remove barriers for credit union success.”

To learn more about associate business membership, visit

Fighting Fraud

Posted on August 18, 2018