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Change in Terms of Remote CorPower Agreement

Posted on May 30, 2012

1.6 SECURITY RESPONSIBILITES – Credit Union is responsible to securely maintainall passwords and other security procedures utilized to access the Services. Allaccess of the Services from Credit Union’s systems or utilizing Credit Union’s passwords or other security procedures shall be deemed authorized, and Credit Union hereby holds Corporate America CU harmless and indemnifies it from harm suffered by Credit Union or any third party due to such access of the Services. Credit Union agrees to take all additional commercially reasonable security measures in establishing a connection with the CorPower System and further agrees to take all commercially reasonable security measures necessary to prevent disruption to the operations of the CorPower System or Corporate America CU’s systems. If Corporate America CU believes that the Credit Union’s system has been compromised or believe that a particular user or terminal compromises the CorPower System, Corporate America CU may disable the Credit Union’s, a user’s or Terminal’s access to the system. Credit Union agrees that Corporate America CU’s security measures are commercially reasonable as set forth in this agreement and upon the CorPower system. If Credit Union believes Corporate America CU’s security measures are not commercially reasonable, Credit Union must notify Corporate America CU immediately (no later than the same business day as the Credit Union determines that any change in the security measures occur or other indication of such issue occurs) in writing using overnight delivery and by telephone to the Chief Operating Officer or President at 205-313-4300. Only upon notice and a commercially reasonable period of time has elapsed of the Credit Union’s belief that Corporate America CU’s security measures are not commercially reasonable shall Corporate America CU’s security measures be determined not to be reasonable.

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