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Posted on November 6, 2012

Based on issues experienced in August with our domain registry, CNP is permanently moving from * to * Therefore, beginning November 7, 2012 * will become * and will become To accomplish this with the least possible disruption for CNP users, we plan to introduce the change in the following “overlapping” manner and timeframe:

1.November 1st CorPower was moditied to accept connections from the new domain, *

a. This allows for ample time to resolve any problems that may be discovered prior to the users move to on November 7.

b. If any user should happen to go to the new site after November 1 and before November 7, will respond to that request with a certificate error. If the user accepts the error, the user will still be able to access and use the application, in a secure manner if they select to “accept the certificate error and proceed to the Web site.”

c. * will remain available without a certificate error until we officially switch to * for users on November 7.

2. November 7th, we will change the * site to use the new certificate.

a. Any CorPower user who uses the old URL (*, after this change, will receive a certificate error. If the user “accepts the certificate error and proceeds to the Web site,” they will be able to access and use in a secure manner until November 14th.

3.November 14th, * URL will become a non-functioning site. This will cause users to receive a “page not found” error.

a. The only users impacted by this will be those who are continuing to try to use * despite your communications regarding the change.

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