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CACU Forms New Partnership to Aid with Cybersecurity

Posted on October 4, 2019

ThreatAdvice offers an online platform where credit union staff can easily educate themselves - in fact, Corporate America is now arming its own staff with the training.  “You can never be too safe when it comes to informing your staff about scams and attacks that can harm an institution,” said CACU Chief Technology Officer Donald Eagen.  “We chose to partner with ThreatAdvice because we feel their platform offers ease of use and comprehensive awareness so our employees understand the risks businesses face.  We want to give our staff as much knowledge as possible.”

ThreatAdvice also assesses your organization’s weaknesses using various tools including phishing simulations, network exposure scans, email exposure scans and more. Additionally you have the ability to receive alerts on situations that directly threaten your organization or industry in real-time. Stay ahead of potential threats and become more proactive, more effective and more strategic about defenses.

The solution will be offered to all CACU members, nearly 500 across the country.  ThreatAdvice says that cost of data breaches continues to rise and that the financial industry remains a top target for cyberattacks. “We are pleased to partner with CACU to offer cyber education and awareness to its member employees.  It is imperative to have both proper technology oversight and educated users to fight back against cyber-attacks,” said Jason Asbury, President of ThreatAdvice.

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