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FRB Holiday Currency Ordering Schedule

Posted on September 25, 2012
FRB Holiday Currency Ordering Schedule
For the 2012 holiday season, the Corporate America CU and the Federal Reserve Banks will process your holiday currency special requests during two separate ordering periods. The special ordering periods will be October 26 – November 1 and November 30 – December 6. All orders placed during the special ordering period must be picked up from the Federal Reserve’s docks by your courier the Friday following the last order day, that is, Friday, November 2, and Friday, December 7, respectively. Thus, you must ensure your institution has made appropriate transit accommodations, as no orders will be held over to the following week.
Holiday Currency Ordering Processing Standards
Your institution may place orders to meet its holiday currency needs by calling our MSR Department at 800-292-6242. If you desire both new and fit currency, you will need to place two separate orders — one order online for fit and one call in order for new. All orders will be filled with your requested currency type unless the supply has been temporarily exhausted.
During the holiday currency special ordering period, standard cash ordering requirements will remain in place. If your institution places two orders, one for fit and one for new currency, there will be an additional fee for the second order.

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