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CACU Announced As Nacha Direct Member

Feb. 28, 2023 – Nacha announced today the addition of Corporate America Credit Union as a Nacha Direct Member.

Nacha now has 44 Direct Members, consisting of financial institutions and Payments Associations, who are key contributors to the Nacha rulemaking process, professional accreditation programs and ACH advocacy and education.

"Nacha welcomes Corporate America Credit Union as a Direct Member, and we look forward to their insights and perspective as we continue to ensure the modern ACH Network meets the payments needs of American consumers, businesses and government agencies," said Jane Larimer, President and CEO of Nacha. "Corporate America Credit Union joins other Direct Members to guide the future of the ACH Network and the Nacha Operating Rules."

Nacha's Direct Members vote directly on Nacha Operating Rules ballots and provide insights and recommendations on how to innovate the ACH Network. Direct Members can nominate, elect and serve on Nacha's Board of Directors, which provides strategic guidance related to the ACH Network and the governance of Nacha as an industry association. Direct members participate in Nacha committees and workgroups and educate stakeholders about the value of the ACH Network. In addition, they receive the latest information on industry issues and increase their financial institutions' visibility and exposure.

"We are excited to be the first corporate credit union to join as a direct member of Nacha," said Lisa Coffey, Chief Innovation Officer at Corporate America Credit Union. "CACU is dedicated to advocating on behalf of not only our more than 500 members but the credit union movement as a whole. We feel this membership further demonstrates our dedication and commitment to helping credit unions thrive as we represent them in the ACH rulemaking process."

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