Share Draft Processing

Corporate America Credit Union offers sufficient, cost effective share draft processing to credit unions of all sizes and member base. We understand that your members rely on you for their checking accounts, while credit unions rely on Corporate America for the processing.

What sets Corporate apart from other Processors?

  • Corporate America Credit Union will take care of the adjustments for you. It’s true, you call our HelpDesk to place a request, and we will call the Federal Reserve for you.

What will offering Share Drafts do for my Credit Union?

  • Share drafts boost your bottom line and create primary financial institution relationships between you and your membership
  • High share draft penetration helps bring about greater loan penetration, more income, lower cost of funds, stronger growth rates, stronger ATM, credit card and debit card programs and more convenience for your members.
  • With the share draft leading the way to offer more services to its members (ex. direct deposit, multiple member accounts, online banking, and bill pay) this will develop a dedicated member audience. The more services offered, the less cause for a member to go elsewhere for their financial needs.