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Super 30

Super 30 allows your credit union to earn a higher rate of return while maintaining the short term liquidity of a share account. It is a variable rate share account, requiring a $10,000 minimum balance. Deposits and withdrawals must be made in $10,000 increments with a 30 day notice to withdraw funds. In addition, the Super 30 account allows you to have more than one notice on account. Dividends are accrued daily and paid monthly.

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Terms of Account

Account Number:  S030

Description: Super 30 is a variable rate, 30-day notice share account that allows members to earn a higher rate of return while maintaining the short-term liquidity of a share account. Minimum investment is $10,000. Deposits and withdrawals must be made in $10,000 increments, with a 30-day notice required to withdraw funds. More than one notice is allowed so maturities can be laddered to fit each member’s liquidity needs. Early withdrawals are not permitted.

Dividend Payment:  Dividends are set and accrued daily, paid and posted to the S010 account on the last business day of the month.

Dividend Calculation:  Dividends are calculated on an actual/365 basis

Simple Formula:

  1. Closing Daily Share Balance x Rate/365 = One Day’s Dividend
  2. One Day’s Dividend x Number of Days = Accrued Dividend

Restrictions: To withdraw funds an authorized representative must provide notification of intent to withdraw a specific amount of funds. Such funds will be transferred to the S010 account the first business day following 30 days from the date of notification.  Redemption prior to the expiration of the 30 day notice is not permitted.


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