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Faster Payments NEW!


Corporate America Credit Union is live on both the RTP network and FedNow Instant Payments System.  We are excited to offer this cutting-edge service option to our member credit unions.  We are also offering Rise loan payment platform for your members to pay their loans from anywhere, anytime. 

Take a look at our faster payment products that will enable you to give your members the flexibility they want and provide new opportunities for your credit union, too.

CACU Becomes Funding Agent for Real Time Payments Network

As a Funding Agent, CACU will allow member credit unions to efficiently manage their liquidity on the network at a lower cost and will fund and manage positions in the RTP Network’s joint Federal Reserve bank account on behalf of its members. CACU will be able to facilitate the settlement and 24/7 liquidity management for its credit unions in the RTP network.

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