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Credit, Debit, & ATM Services

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MAP offers a flexible, reliable and robust platform for all of your transaction processing needs.

Debit Card Processing

Debit processing is how and where MAP got their start in 1999. Through years of experience they’ve built a reliable, comprehensive and flexible solution that can lower your costs, help you realize efficiencies and optimize revenue. They are also focused on innovations–such as Mobile Cloud, EMV and Rewards—that will help differentiate your services to improve account acquisition and retention. Working with the largest processor of Visa debit transactions in the world, they offer the service of a small company with the power of the industry leader.

Credit Card Processing

MAP offers full transaction credit card processing services tailored to fit your needs and designed with affordable measures to increase profitability and cardholder loyalty. MAP's full suite of services includes key data and report information for strategic planning, management analysis and tactical decision support. Their credit card processing solutions include loyalty and benefit programs designed to meet the individual goals of your institution. Their broad array of optional products, from marketing to member service, are innovatively designed and affordably priced to strengthen and diversify your credit card portfolio.

Prepaid & Gift Card Processing

Your #1 solution for prepaid card processing, MAP Gift and General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) processing solutions provide a variety of marketing opportunities for business account programs, traveler's cards, youth and student programs, loan promotions, employee incentives, and more. Your members will appreciate the features available through your MAP Prepaids card payment solution: reloadable, no-fee/low fee options, web balances, call center support and ATM access, to name just a few.

Mobile Card Solutions

MAP’s mobile card service is a powerful solution to help expand your mobile presence, differentiate your institution, and help improve your card business. The strategy is simple—help your members manage and protect their cards so they are more likely to use them. At the same time, you're implementing a solution that ensures you're ready for future e–commerce and mobile payment services. Their white–label solution for debit, credit, and prepaid card services is a great way to increase the profitability of your card portfolio, extend your mobile footprint, and deepen your member relationships.

Risk Management & Fraud Detection

When it comes to risk management and fraud detection, you can't afford to take chances. MAP's proven performance with fraud mitigation tools are easy to implement and manage.  MAP offers a variety of flexible risk management services to help you reduce losses and lower administrative expenses associated with managing fraud. From dual advanced fraud detection neural networks to sophisticated fraud analysis tools and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

Card Manufacturing and Fulfillment

MAP has created an affordable alternative to what’s currently available on the market today. Leveraging the combined buying power of financial institutions from across the United States, MAP provides state-of-the-art card manufacturing and fulfillment at wholesale pricing.  Large or small, credit unions of any size can save BIG with MAP Plastics.

ATM Terminal Driving

MAP’s state-of-the-art ATM Terminal Driving Service can help to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve your ATM program. By consolidating ATM Terminal Driving with your debit processing, you may be able to enhance the return of your ATM investment.

Business Analytics Tools

To help you better manage your business, MAP’s Analytic Tools give you access to billions of historic transactions and cardholder records stored and managed by Visa. The system automatically gathers and aggregates all your card and acquirer transaction data for you; turns it into easy-to-understand information about cardholders, merchants, ATMs and card activity; and delivers it right to your desktop. Use this powerful data warehouse to gain insights on everything from fraud detection to marketing strategies.

Settlement & Billing

MAP provides a single settlement position for all of your ATM, debit, credit and prepaid card activity. By integrating daily management and settlement for multiple networks you can save time, reduce costs and minimize hassles.

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