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CUboardroom - the complete online board communications tool

CUboardroom is an online board portal that revolutionizes the way you communicate with your board and committees by centralizing official correspondence via a highly secure, Web-enabled communication channel.

CUboardroom provides the optimum environment for efficient, organized meetings, and will keep your board members up to date via news and events, document distribution, online voting, and online forums. Secure multi-factor authentication and straightforward interface allows for effortless browsing by your board and committee members with very little training.

Utilize administrative staff more efficiently, save money going paperless and, help the environment! Administration features include agenda builder, meeting RSVP, document approval and, much more all in an intuitive user interface. Time-saving, efficient and green!

For more information or to schedule an online demo, please email us at to learn more.   See CUboardroom brochure here! 

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