2019 Annual Meeting
Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort

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CACU Staff Lend a Hand to Credit Unions Affected by Hurricane Michael

In the days since Hurricane Michael, we’ve all seen the utter devastation the storm left in its wake. Corporate America Credit Union, like so many others, knew how critical it would be to help the credit unions impacted in any way possible. Two CACU employees who live in Florida have been the boots on the ground, staying in touch with credit unions and working to meet the needs of their staff. Click here to read more about CACU’s efforts to aid in recovery.

Tanya DeVlieger, CACU; Family Member; April Redmond, CEO Emerald Coast; Gisli Magnusson, CACU

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Funds Advantage Rate
Tier I ($0MM+ < $5MM) 1.80%
Tier II ($5MM+ < $10MM) 1.82%
Tier III ($10MM+ < $20MM) 1.84%
Tier IV ($20MM+) 1.86%
Other Rate
Corporate Funds 0.01%
Paid-in-Capital III 1.25%
PCC & PCC II 1.25%
NCA 0.10%
30 Day Notice Account Rate
Super 30 2.30%