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CACU Becomes Funding Agent for Real Time Payments Network

Posted on December 3, 2019

As a Funding Agent, CACU will allow member credit unions to efficiently manage their liquidity on the network at a lower cost and will fund and manage positions in the RTP Network’s joint Federal Reserve bank account on behalf of its members. CACU will be able to facilitate the settlement and 24/7 liquidity management for its credit unions in the RTP network.

The announcement comes as CACU continues to work on behalf of its credit union member-owners to ensure they continue to thrive. Chief Innovation Officer Lisa Coffey says this is just the first of many projects to keep CACU members on the cutting edge of faster payments. “Access to the RTP network is key for our member credit unions wanting to serve their members with the most up to date technology. By becoming a Funding Agent, CACU is now a partner that can make that process easier.”

CACU has partnered with VSoft Corporation to take advantage of its expertise with faster payments. VSoft Corporation will empower CACU to offer robust and feature rich solutions to its member credit unions that will facilitate the sending and receiving of faster payments. CACU and VSoft Corporation are committed to providing products that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Corporate America President/CEO Pete Pritts says the benefits of the new partnerships are countless. “As we look to the future, we see the RTP network as the next piece of the puzzle to bring faster payments to the newer world we see. We are privileged to offer this service to our members and are excited to be pioneers in this next chapter of payments.”

“CACU has a strong reputation for providing leading-edge services to its credit union members,” says Tim Mills, Vice President of RTP Network Business Development. “We are excited that CACU is helping to bring the benefits of real-time payments on the RTP network to its approximately 500 clients by becoming a funding agent.”

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