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Governance & Management

Brad Long

Brad Long - Chairman
First Florida CU - CFO

Joey Hand

Joey Hand - 1st Vice Chairman
eCO CU - President/CEO

George Glasser

George Glasser - 2nd Vice Chairman
Memorial Employees FCU - President/CEO

Blane Mink

Blane Mink - Secretary/Treasurer
APCO Employees CU - VP/CFO

Heath Harrell

Heath Harrell - Director
Guardian CU - President/CEO

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson - Director
Naheola CU - President/CEO

Michael Miller

Michael Miller - Director
iTHINK Financial - President/CEO

Steve Nix

Steve Nix - Director
AlaTrust CU - President/CEO

Eric Renaud

Eric Renaud - Director
Pima FCU - President/CEO

Kendall Speed

Kendall Speed - Director
Mutual Savings CU - President/CEO

Miles Strickland

Miles Strickland - Chairman
USF Federal Credit Union - SVP/Chief Financial Officer

Ed Turk

Ed Turk - Vice Chairman
Heritage Community Credit Union - President/CEO

Tangela Souders

Tangela Souders - Committee Member
All in Credit Union - VP of Risk Management and Compliance

Whitney Oswalt

Whitney Oswalt - Committee Member
Alabama One Credit Union - CFO

Pete Pritts

Pete Pritts

Rachel Dodson

Rachel Dodson
Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Coffey

Lisa Coffey
Chief Innovation Officer

Dave Filby

Dave Filby
Chief Investment Officer

Lauren Howle

Lauren Howle
Chief Strategy Officer

Donald Eagen

Donald Eagen
Chief Technology Officer

Kayla Barnett

Kayla Barnett
VP Human Resources & Culture

Alison Dagnan

Alison Dagnan
VP Operations

Mike Kennedy

Mike Kennedy
VP Payments

Trey Rudder

Trey Rudder
VP Strategic Balance Sheet Management

Penny Swindle

Penny Swindle
Risk Officer

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