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CACU enacts its Pandemic Plan

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Corporate America Credit Union has enacted its Pandemic Plan. In an effort to keep our staff as safe and healthy as possible, by the end of day Wednesday, March 18th, all CACU staff members will be working remotely from their homes. Also in the best interest of our staff and members we are halting all business travel until further notice. 

We realize this is uncharted territory for both our organization and yours, but we want to do our part in minimizing the effects of this pandemic. We are committed to providing uninterrupted service and taking care of our members so they continue to thrive, and we are well positioned to do so. 

A few things you should know for the coming weeks:

  • All services provided by CACU will continue to function as normal.
  • Email, phone systems and extensions will operate as normal.
  • IRDs for deposit returns will be mailed to members who receive printed copies once a week. Email images will continue to be sent daily.
  • Foreign items that CACU receives will be sent to our business partner for collection once a week.
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